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[ Idioms ]

A man “after my own heart” means ___.
a. liking the same things as me
b. looks like me
c. follows me

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Future Continuous Tense Future Perfect Continuous Tense Future Perfect Tense Past Continuous Tense Simple Past Future Tense Past Perfect Continuous Tense Past Perfect Tense Present Continuous Tense Present Perfect Continuous Tense Present Perfect Tense Simple Future Tense Simple Past Tense Simple Present Tense Tenses

Vs. / Or

Abstract vs. Concrete Accept vs. Except Active vs. Passive Voice Adjective vs. Adverb Advice vs. Advise Afraid vs. Scared Some vs. Any Start vs. Begin Lend vs. Borrow Brake vs. Break Bridal vs. Bridle Broach vs. Brooch Cannon vs. Canon Cleanup vs. Clean Up Click vs. Clique Come vs. Go Complement vs. Compliment Cue vs. Queue Desert vs. Dessert Direct vs. Indirect Speech Do Vs. Does Each or Every Everyday vs. Every Day Everyone vs. Every One Farther vs. Further Few vs. Little Flesh out vs. Flush out Gerund vs. Infinitive Good vs. Well Have Been to vs. Have Gone to Home vs. House I vs. Me If vs. Unless If vs. Whether Independent vs. Subordinate Clause Intensive vs. Reflexive Pronoun Its vs. It’s Later vs. Latter Lay vs. Lie Leach vs. Leech Lets vs. Let’s Loose vs. Lose Look, See or Watch Many vs. Much Past Simple Vs. Present Perfect Phenomenon(s) vs. Phenomena Present vs. Past Participle Precede vs. Proceed alles-meine.de GmbH 2 Stück _ Badeponcho / Kapuzenhandtuch - Tel GAOLILI Wandskulptur Hirsche Kopf Wand hängen Harz Handwerk Tier Regular vs. Irregular Verb Sit vs. Set There vs. It Too / Very / So When vs. While Yoke vs. Yolk


Adjective Adjective Clause Adjective Order Adverb Adverb of Manner Antonyms Appositive Phrase a, an, the, Zero Article Causative Verb Comparative Adjective Comparative Adverb Conjunction Coordinate Conjunction Correlative Conjunction Conditional Sentence Type 0, 1, 2, 3 Conditional Sentence Type 1 Conditional Sentence Type 2 Conditional Sentence Type 3 Comma Countable Noun Definitions, Synonyms Degrees of Comparison Despite, In Spite Of, Although, Even Though, However Embedded Questions Expressing Wishes Grammar Homonyms Homophones Idioms Imperative Sentence Indefinite Pronoun Indirect Question Interrogative Pronoun Irregular Verb Linking Verb Modal Auxiliary Verb Mixed General Quiz Noun Clause Participle & Appositive Parts of Speech Passive Voice Past Participle Plurals Polite Request Possessive Adjective Prepositions Pronoun Pronoun Cases Personal Pronoun Question Tags Question Words Quotation Marks Reflexive Pronoun Regular Verb Relative Pronoun Reported Speech Run-on Sentences Simile, Metaphor or Personification Spelling Still, Yet, Already & Just Subject – Predicate Subject-Verb Agreement Subject, Verb & Object Complement Subjunctive Superlative Degree (Adjective) This, That, These, Those Third Conditional Time Transition Words And Phrase Type of Sentences Used To, Be Used To, Get Used To Verb Verb Phrase Vocabulary Yes-No Question Zero Conditional


-ed and -ing Adjectives -ed or -ing -ed/-ing Adjectives -ing &-ed Adjectives 1st and 2nd Conditionals 3rd Person Singular A/An Ability Action, Helping & Linking Verbs Active & Passive Voice Active and Passive Active and Passive voice Active Voice-Present tense SHOAH ショア(デジタルリマスター版) [Blu-ray] Adjective Adjective + to + Verb Adjective / Noun + to Infinitive Adjective and Adverb Adjective Clause Adjective ending with ED & ING Adjective or Adverb Adjective vs Adverb Adjectives Adjectives and Degrees Adjectives and Prepositions Adjectives and Pronouns Adjectives Ed and Ing Adjectives vs Adverbs Adjectives, ING - ED Adjectives-Comparison, Superlative Adverb Adverb Clauses Adverb of Frequency Adverb of Manner Adverb of Manner Adverb of Manners Adverbial Clause of Concession Adverbial Clauses Adverbial Clauses of Reason / Cause Adverbs Adverbs by Type Adverbs of frequency Adverbs of Manner, Likes and Preferences Adverbs or Adjectives All, Both, Neither, None, Either Along & Against Although / Despite Analogy and, so, but, because another/the others/each other/one another Antonyms Apologizing Article Articles Articles & Compound Nouns Articles and Demonstratives as...as, comparatives, superlatives Asking & Giving Attention Asking & Giving Opinion Asking and Giving Suggestion Aspect or tenses of Verbs Auxiliary Verbs Auxiliary Words Basic Grammar BASIC GRAMMAR - PRONOUNS Basic Tenses Be going to / Will Be Going To vs. Will Because / so Because of & Inspite of Can/Could Cardiology Services City Places Clauses Clauses of Reason Commas Common & Proper Nouns Common Error JKFZD 3 in 1 Schach Set Holz International Schachspiel Backgammo Communicative Grammar Comparative Comparative - Superlative Comparative Adjective Comparative Adjectives Comparative Adverbs Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Comparative and Superlative Adverbs Comparative and Superlatives Comparatives Comparatives - Superlative Comparatives - Superlatives Comparatives and Superlatives Comparatives or Superlatives Comparatives, Superlatives & Equatives Comparision Comparisions Comparison Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs Comparisons Compliment, Congratulation, and Hope Compound Adjectives Conditional Conditional 0 Conditional Clause Conditional Sentence Conditional Sentence Type 1 Conditional Sentence Type 2 and Type 3 Conditional Sentence Type 3 Conditional Sentences Conditional Tenses Conditional Type 1 Conditional Types Conditionals Conditionals Type I Conjunction Conjunction: Because and So Conjunctions Conjunctions - Connectors Conjunctives Connectives Contrast Linking Words Contrastive Conjunctions Correlative Conjunction Correlative Conjunction & Complex Sentences COUNT - NONCOUNT NOUNS Countable & Noncountable Nouns Countable & Uncountable Nouns Countable and Uncountable Countable Quantifiers Definite & Indefinite Pronoun & Conditionals Definite and Indefinite Articles Definite pronouns (Subject, Object, Reflexive) Definite, Indefinite and Zero Articles DEGREE COMPARISON Degree of Comparison Degrees of Adjectives Demonstrative Pronoun Demonstrative Speech Describing Words Descriptions Determiners Direct Object and Indirect Object Do / Have / Can - Basic Questions Do not or Does not Do not- Does not Ed and Ing Endings English Article English for Tourism English Morphosyntax Es and S Essential and Nonessential Clauses Exclamation Family Members and Present Simple Family Vocabulary First Conditional Food Vocabulary FOR & SINCE For vs Since Formal & Informal Words Frequency Future - be going to Future - Will and Be going to Future Continuous Tense Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous Future Forms Future or Past Future Passive Future Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Tense Future Simple Future Tense Future Tenses Gerund Gerund and Infinitive Gerund or Infinitive Gerunds Gerunds and Infinitives Give, do and make going to Going To Be and Will Grammar Grammar & Vocab Grammar & Vocabulary Grammar (Adjectives) Grammar (Adverbs, Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases) Grammar (either..or.. and neither..nor..) Grammar (Possessive Pronouns) Grammar (want to/ need to/ have to) Grammar (was, were, could, could not) Grammar - Be going to Grammar - Capitalization and Possessive Nouns Grammar - Collective Nouns Grammar - Compound Sentences Grammar - Connectors GRAMMAR - Could / Could not Grammar - Countable/ Uncountable Grammar - direct/indirect objects Grammar - either...or, neither...nor Grammar - Future Grammar - Future Action Grammar - help/have/let/make Grammar - Imperatives and Let Grammar - may/might/could Grammar - much, many, a lot of Grammar - must & have to Grammar - Nouns Grammar - Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Grammar - Place and Movement Grammar - Present Perfect Tense Grammar - Punctuation of Sentences Grammar - Reflexive Pronouns Grammar - Sentence Structure Grammar - Similes Grammar - to be Grammar - to be, possessive, have got Grammar - TOEIC Grammar - Verb Forms Grammar - Wh Questions Grammar / Pronouns Grammar : can, could and be able to Grammar : Must (Necessity) Grammar : Structural Common Errors Grammar and Essay Grammar and Structure Grammar and Vocabulary Grammar Assessment Grammar Clauses Grammar Double Object Verbs Grammar Elementary Grammar Error Correction (Simple Present Tense) Grammar for IELTS Grammar Modals Grammar of Conjunctions and Prepotitions Grammar on Conditionals Grammar Past and Future Tense Grammar Present Perfect (ever never) Grammar Pronoun and Singular Plural Noun Grammar speak,talk,say,tell Grammar Suffixes Grammar, adverbs of frequency placement Grammar, Conditional Sentences, Vocabulary Grammar-Present Continuous-Sentence Making Grammar-Verbs & Nouns Singular, Plural, Gender Grammar: Agreement Grammar: Defining Relative Clauses Grammar: Have to Grammar: Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences Grammar: is/are/was/were Grammar: Reported Questions Grammar: so and such Grammar: was/were Grammar: wishes and regrets Digital Dreamland Spielmatte mit Sternenlicht Has Got & Have Got Have to / Do not have to Have to/Has to Have vs. Has Helpful Phrases Homophone & Homonym Homophones How many / How much - Is there / Are there How much and how many How often - long - much - many Idioms IELTS Grammar IF CLAUSE If Clauses If- Conditional If/Unless - Conditional type 1 IN, ON & AT In/On/At + Time Indefinite Pronouns Infinitive Infinitive Gerund Infinitives Infinitives and ING Forms Infinitives for reasons Intermediate Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Prepositions Interrogative Pronouns Irregular Adjectives Irregular Plural Nouns Irregular verbs Jobs Kinds of Nouns Let & Be allowed to like/do not like Linkers and Conjunctions Linking Verbs Linking Words Linking Words & Phrases Linking Words and Phrases Mesopotamia Vocabulary Miscellaneous Grammar Usages Mix-Tenses Mixed Conditionals Mixed Tenses Modal Modal Auxiliaries Modal Perfect Modal Verb Modal Verbs Modal Verbs and Conditionals Modals Modals "Should" Modals - Have to or Should Modals and Semi-Modals Modals for Recommendations Much, many, a lot of, a few, a little Must Vs Have to Noun Noun Phrase Noun, Verb, Adjective Nouns Nouns - Word Form-ION Nouns Formation Numbers Object Pronouns Offer and Suggestion Offering Help On, At, By Opinion / Agreement Participal Phrases Participle - ing/ ed Participle Adjectives Passive and Active Voice Passive Sentence Passive to Active Passive Voice Passive Voice - Past Simple Passive Voice - Present Continuous Passive Voice Active Voice Passive Voice in Past and Present Tense Passive Voice Present Simple Past and Present Continuous Past Continuous Past Continuous vs Past Simple Past Participle Past Passive Past Perfect & Past Simple Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple & Continuous Past Perfect Simple & Past Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Tense Past Progressive Tense Past Simple Past Simple (Questions) Past Simple (to be) Past simple - Irregular Verbs Past Simple - Present Perfect Past Simple and Past Continuous Past Simple Tense Past simple vs Present perfect Luckyw Rahmen kleine tragbare Malbox Box Tischskizze Holz Staffe Past Tense Past Tense (Regular and Irregular) Past Tense and Neutral Past Tenses Past, Present, Future Perfect Modals Perfect Tenses Personal & Possessive Pronouns Personal Pronoun Personal Pronouns Personal pronouns + possessive adjectives + Introgative pronouns Persuasive Text Phrasal Verb Phrasal Verbs Phrases Phrases and Clauses Places in Town Poetry Possessive Adjective and Pronoun Possessive Adjectives Possessive Adjectives & Possessive Pronouns Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Possessive Adjectives VS Possessive Pronouns Possessive Nouns Possessive Pronouns Pre-intermediate Prefixes Suffixes Preposition Preposition Preposition after some Verbs Preposition of Time Prepositional Phrase Prepositional Phrases Prepositions Prepositions Of Place Prepositions of Place & Time Prepositions of Time Prepositions of Time and Place Prepotitions Present / Future / Present Progressive / non Action Verbs Present and Past Simple Passive Present and Past Tense Present Continous Present Continuos Tense Present Continuous Present Continuous Tense Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Used to Present Perfect Gift Republic Mermaid Flaschenöffner, Legierung, Multi, 15,5 x 1 Present Perfect and Past Simple Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Tense Present Perfect Negative and Interrogative Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Present Perfect Tense Present Perfect vs Past Simple Present Progressive (Future) Present Simple Present Simple & Continues Present simple & Continuous Present Simple & Present Continuous PRESENT SIMPLE - CHILDREN Present Simple Affirmative and Negative Present Simple and Continuous Present Simple and Present Continuous Present Simple and Present Continuous Tense Present Simple for Future Arrangement Present simple or Past simple Present Simple or Present Continuous Present Simple Passive Present Simple Positive and Negative Present Simple Progressive Present Simple Tense Present Simple Tense Passive Present Simple VS Continuous PRESENT SIMPLE vs PRESENT CONTINUOUS + QUANT Present Simple x Present Continuous Present simple, Present continuous, Singular, Plural LUSTAR Transformers Spielzeug Autobot Bumblebee Studio Action Fi Present Simple: affirmative, negative, interrogative Present Tense Present tense Affirmative Present, Past and Future Tense Present, Past, and Future Time Present/Future/Past Simple/Present Perfect Present/Past/Past Particple Progressive Tense Pronoun Pronouns Pronouns ( Interrogative ) Pronouns and Antecedents Pronouns and Quantifiers Pronouns of Quantity Proverbs Punctuation Punctuations Quantifier Quantifiers Quantifiers Mix Quantifiers: too many, too much & enough Question Tag Question Tags Question Words Reflexive pronouns Regular and Irregular Verbs HAWKERS Unisex Classic Rounded Sonnenbrillen Relative & Interrogative Pronouns Relative Clause Relative Clauses Relative Clauses and etc Relative Clauses and Past Perfect Relative Pronoun Relative Pronouns Reported Speech Reported Speech and Reported Questions Root Word Second Conditional Second Conditionals Sentence and Fragment Sentences Sentences and Non Sentences Should and Shouldn't Should, Should not have Similes Similes and Body Idioms Simple and Continuous Present Tense Simple Future - Passive Simple Future - Will Simple Future Tense Simple Past Simple Past - Irregular Verbs Simple Past Continuos Simple Past Irregular & Negative Simple Past Tense Simple Past/Past Progressive Simple Present Simple Present - Negative & Interrogative Simple Present - WH Questions Simple Present and Present Continuous Simple Present and Simple Past Simple Present Progressive Simple Present Tense Simple Present VS Present Continuous Simple Tenses Simple Tenses in English Simple, Complex, Compound Sentence Singular and Plural Nouns So - Too - Either - Neither So or Such so vs such So, Such, Many, Much Spelling Subject and Verbs Agreement Subject-Verb Agreement Subjective and Objective Pronoun Subjunctive Superlative & Comparative Adverbs Superlative Adjectives Superlatives Synonym Synonym and Antonym Synonyms Tag Question TAG Questions Take or Put take, make, do Tense Tenses Tenses and Pronouns Tenses Practice The Structural Types of Sentences There is or There are Things in English Third Conditional Third Grade Exam Time Time and Calendar Time Clauses of Future Time Expressions Time Phrases To infinitive - Gerund To Infinitive or Bare Infinitive To Infinitive or Gerund TOEFL Grammar TOEIC TOEIC Grammar TOEIC Grammar and Vocabulary Review Too or Enough Transitional Words Transitive and Intransitive Verb Uncountable Nouns Used to V-ing/to-V Verb + Preposition Verb 3 forms Verb BE Verb Patterns Verb Patterns / Ing Verb Present Simple Tense Verb Tenses Verb to be Verb to have Verb-ing and Infinitive Verbal Communication Verbs - third person Verbs and Possessive Adjective Verbs of movement Verbs � Nouns � Adjectives - Adverbs Verbs: Action, Linking, and Helping Verbs: Will & Going to VOCAB & GRAMMAR Vocab and Grammar Vocab Checking Vocabulary Vocabulary & Grammar Vocabulary : Coming & Going Vocabulary and Grammar Vocabulary and Prepositions Vocabulary and Tenses Vocabullary Test Was & Were Questions Was and Were Western Europe Countries Wh Questions WH- Question Words Wh-Question Who am I? Who or Whom Will & Be going to Will or Going to Will, Be going to, Present Continuous will, be going to, would like to Wish + Verb 2 Wish - beginner Wish / If only ( Present) Wish clause Wish Sentence Wish Sentences Wish, Unless, If sentence Wishes Wishes & Reported Speech Word Formation Would/would like - affirmative/negative Zero & First Contidional Zero Conditional Zero Conditional Sentence


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